It’s An Investment — And It’s Worth It

It’s An Investment — And It’s Worth It

The first time you booted up Skyrim or Team Fortress 2, you were probably looking forward to slaying your first draugr or putting on your first hat, not thinking about some far-off future when you would pull out a credit card to buy a $1,400 gaming chair. But after hundreds of hours sunk into dungeons and treasure chests, don’t you deserve the best loot of all?

$1,400 for a chair — it sounds crazy, right? But let’s look at the math.

Let’s say you’re a “weekend warrior.” You surf Polygon for the latest game reviews, you laugh at memes about Todd Howard, and completely lose your mind when Shanghai wins their first game in The Overwatch League. Where are you when you’re doing all this?

That’s right — in your desk chair.

From gaming to surfing to Skyping to working, how many hours do you spend in the same box-store office chair every day? Today’s casual gamer easily clocks in three hours in a session — and more on the weekends! Let’s say your weekend marathons bring your average up to four hours a day, five days a week. After twenty hours in a desk chair, your shoulders are screaming.

And for the full-timers, the e-sports professionals, the work-from-homers, the all-day streamers — spending eight hours a day, seven days a week in that $40 desk chair takes its toll. Shoulder pain, reduced circulation, sore muscles, chafe! We’ve all been mid-marathon, forced to take a stretch break or crack our necks in a thousand and one places.

LF Gaming sets out to change that.


Fully customizable to any body size and shape, the Stealth model is built from the finest materials and designed with your comfort — and well-being — in mind. Built-in memory foam, ThermaGuard temperature control, and adjustable, well, everything allow this gaming chair to adapt to you, not the other way around. With every piece carefully constructed in our North American factory, these chairs are the ultimate way to level up your lifestyle.

$1,400 may sound like a lot up front, but look at your LF Gaming chair as the ultimate avatar accessory. After all, the best loot is reserved for the best players. And aren’t you one of the best?