Stealth Gaming Chair – Solid Black w Contrast

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  • Chair Features & Benefits:
  • Ergonomic Function
  • Area Dimensions
    • Built in Headrest – Provides constant support of head while reclining. Alleviates muscle strain and discomfort.
    • Schukra Lumbar Support – Encourages “S” shaped spine, which reduces pressure on disks between the vertebrae.  Enables optimization of shape of backrest to fit curvature of the spine around lower back.
    • ThermaGuard Temperature Regulating Technology – Phase Change Materials (PCM’s) prevent the chair from overheating.  Lasts throughout the lifetime of the product.  Long-term temperature regulation offers immediate, ongoing, measurable and noticeable results.
    • Upholstery – Choose from one of our 9 beautiful designs, each handmade in our factory in Calgary, Canada.
    • Brisa Ultrafabrics – Engineered to be breathable and easy to clean.  Extremely soft and comfortable to sit in.  Brisa is made without the harsh chemicals of PVC’s or Plasticizers.  There are no toxic by-products from the production of this fabric and over 99% of the solvents recaptured and recycled. GREENGUARD Certified.
    • Nylon Resin Back Frame – Provides strength and stability.
    • Lateral Shaped Back with LIFE-Foam Memory Foam – Supports/cups backrest while memory foam reduces pressure points and aids circulation.
    • Ratchet Back Height Adjustment – Adjustability enables you to achieve optimum back posture and support. Allows backrest to to be adjusted so Lumbar Support fits properly in the lower back.
    • Upholstered LIFE-Foam Memory Foam Arm Pads – Provides soft and extremely comfortable padding which reduces pressure points on elbows and enhances comfort for users with sensitivity issues like Elbow Tendonitis.
    • Arm Pad Swivel Function – Allows user to rest wrists and forearms comfortably while typing.
    • Height and Width Adjustable Arm Brackets – Provides support when not using keyboard to minimize tension build up in the shoulders. Optimizes the lateral proximity of the armrest to you.
    • Contoured Seat – Designed to redistribute the body’s weight over a larger area, pressure points are reduced in troublesome places like the back of the thighs and tailbone.
    • High Density Foam Core – Prevents the foam from collapsing and “bottoming” out.
    • Temperature and Pressure Sensitive LIFE-Foam Memory Foam – Conforms to your body’s unique contours to further reduce pressure on your bones and joints.
    • Front Waterfall Edge – Our signature moulded foam design offers greater support and comfort with unrestricted blood circulation behind the knees.
    • Synchro-Tilt Control Mechanism – Features a unique synchronized ride that cradles the user as they recline in the chair.
    • Seat Slider Depth Adjustment – allows user to adjust seat depth up to 2” forward. Optimum seated position should see a minimum space of two finger widths behind the knee, which encourages blood flow behind the knees.
    • Back Angle Adjustment – Allows the back angle to be opened up which encourages blood flow through the pelvis. When shoulders are back, the chest is open, thereby exchanging more oxygenated blood to the brain. Subsequently less mistakes are made, you feel more alert and productive.
    • Tilt & Tilt Lock Function – Allows user to freely rock forward and backward or lock chair into one of five preset positions, while anti-kick feature prevents sudden release. Enables you to position your pelvis above your knees, opening the pelvic angle which improves “S” shape of spine when sitting, reducing load on spine and improving blood flow.
    • Tilt Tension Adjustment – Provides an individual fit, so that rocking sensation supports and holds the user’s bodyweight fully.
    • Seat Height Adjustment – Ensures proper height, hips should be slightly higher than the knees also opens the pelvis allowing blood to flow freely through upper and lower body.
    • 27” Diameter Five Star Base – Provides strength and stability of the chair.
    • Dual Wheel Casters with Soft Polyurethane Tread – Ensure smooth rolling on either low pile carpeting or hard floor surface (safe for use on Hardwood, Tile and Plastic Chair Mat).

    Blue, Red, white, Black

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    Julia M.
    United States United States
    Easy to assemble and incredibly comfortable

    I purchased this chair for a home office set-up, after listening to several reviews on-line. First, I called the manufacturer for confirmation about some of the statistics listed on-line, which also gave me confidence in the product design and distribution. The chair was delivered in ~2 weeks. With the instructions, I was able to set it up in ~30-60 mins. And it is GREAT! It is extremely comfortable, can be adjusted for many different positions and different uses. I now prefer it to my easy chair, which used to be my home "office" chair of choice. I am seriously considering purchasing another one for my business office, if and when it opens again.


    We are very happy to hear you are so satisfied with your new LF Gaming chair! Thank you for leaving such a great review and we hope you do consider us again when things open up again. :)

    Alan S.
    United States United States
    Awsome Stealth Gaming Chair

    I received my chair a few days ago on time and in perfect condition. After the easy assembly and having sat in it for a couple days I have just one word, WOW!. The different adjustments and the absolute comfort is incredible. I first saw this chair on YouTube and after watching several more reviews on YouTube I decided to make the purchase. This is exactly what I had been looking for in a chair. Great job LFGaming and many thanks for producing such a great chair.

    William W.
    United States United States
    Incredible chair

    I showed investigated a new chair for my office for a number of months as I spend a significant amount of time sitting. My old chair gave up the coast after 10 years. After many months of research, I choose the stealth gaming chair. I had a custom embroidered emblem added to the head rest. When it arrived it was very easy to put together and it is without exception the most comfortable, ergonomically correct and adjustable chair I have ever owned or sat in. It look great, it feels great after hours and i don’t feel tired or have sore spots after sitting for extended periods of time. It can seem expensive, but not when you compare to other top name like Herman-Miller ect. This is a substantial chair that is well build and will last for years. I can not say enough good things about this chair, other than I absolutely love and would highly recommend it!

    Alexandru T.
    The closest thing to perfection

    Almost perfection! The only thing I regret is that I haven't buy the "extreme" version (even if I am not a big person - I am 6.2 and ~180 lb). I'v tested so many chairs in the past that I lost faith I will find something for me, but I was lucky enough to see a review on youtube and to risk and buy "another one" - finally, I found the most comfy chair. I work and play at my PC for over 14-16 hours/day 6 days/week and I recommend it also for people with back pain (myself being one with that kind of problems and since I started to use that chair my pain is lower or at all). I know the price is high, but if you spend more than 8 hours/day at your desk or if you have back problems, then it worth every penny.

    Zachary J.
    This chair is simply incredible, and worth every penny.

    I suffer from back and tailbone pain, sitting for extended periods of time in most chairs has proven difficult for me in the past. After a lot of research I decided to go ahead and purchase the stealth, and let me tell you that this chair is an absolute pleasure to sit in. Memory foam with just the right amount of give, everywhere you want it. The adjustable backrest, seat pan, and arm rests make it a breeze to fit the chair to you, rather than make yourself fit the chair. The brisa fabric is incredibly soft to the touch, and I've had no issues getting sweaty in this. The contours of the seat pan are a nice bonus. No more shifting around to get blood flowing to my legs again. Craftsmanship is top notch. You can tell from the moment you see it that these chairs are hand made and built to last. If you have the chance to try one of these, do it. You will not regret it at all. This chair is outstanding, if you suffer from pains similar to me get ready to leave them behind.