/C. StealthEX
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    Stealth EXtreme Chairs

    $ 1,595.00 $ 1,435.50
    PLAY LONGER, BETTER, FASTER!! Longer Engineered to prevent pain, discomfort and fatigue and our Therma-Guard Technology lets you sit for hours without getting hot. Better No more shifting to find a comfortable position. Our design prevents distraction, ensuring concentration remains focused. Faster Extreme comfort and ergonomic design, encourages increased flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, you’ll feel more alert and productive.
    • Wider, Deeper Contoured Seat - Provides extra seated space
    • Therma-Guard - Prevents you from overheating in your chair
    • Memory Foam Back Rest, Seat Pan and Arm Pads - Allow yourself to be enveloped in comfort
    • Built-In Adjustable Lumbar Support - No annoying and uncomfortable pillows
    • Adjustable Back Height - Position the back and lumbar support to fit you
    • Seat Slider Function - Position the seat pan to fit you

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