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LF Gaming guarantees:

  • For a period of ten (10) years from date of purchase: Frame, Wheel Base, Fabric Covering and Workmanship.
  • For a period of five (5) years from date of purchase: Foam, Control Mechanism, Gas Lift and All Moving Parts.
  • Maximum weight limit: 300 lbs
  • This limited warranty applies to Normal Personal (Non-Commercial) Use only.  Normal use is considered 8 hours/day, 5 days/week.
  • Weight verification may be required to ascertain whether warranty is valid.
  • Customer’s Original Bill of Sale and serial number must be provided at the time of claim.
  • Limited Warranty begins from the date of purchase – if customer’s Original Bill of Sale is not provided then by default the date of manufacture will be used.
  • Foam products are of the industry’s highest quality.  LIFE-Foam™ material (including visco-elastic and high density) will see a gradual decrease in viscosity (bounce back) over many years of use.  This is a natural occurrence and is not covered by our warranty.  LF Gaming warrants to the original purchaser that LIFE-Foam™ used in LF Gaming chairs will be replaced or repaired at our option if deemed defective due to structural integrity or faulty workmanship within five (5) years from date of purchase.
  • Although LF Gaming ensures the highest quality of workmanship in all of its products, LF Gaming does not cover normal wear, fading, or damage that has occurred during the life of upholstery.  Puddling and stretching of fabric is generated by repeated use and is not considered a defect.
  • Minor variations arising from the manufacture of our handmade workmanship are not covered by this limited warranty.
  • The limited warranty covers parts only and applies to the original owner only – it is not transferable.
  • Customers are responsible for transportation costs to and from LF Gaming.
  • Normal wear and tear, scratches, dents and/or cuts in fabric covering – caused by accident, abuse or act of God are not covered by this limited warranty.
  • Obvious signs of abuse, misuse or negligence voids this limited warranty.  LF Gaming is not responsible for damage caused by transport, improper assembly or installation, maintenance, modification, tampering or for the damage or degradation of product that may occur due to extreme hot, cold or humid temperatures after it has left LF Gaming.

If you have a warranty claim, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-661-8568 (Canada & USA) Monday to Thursday 8am – 4pm and Friday’s 8am – 12pm MT.  (Local & International call (1+) 403-720-3966) Alternatively please email us with your information at info@LFGaming.com.  Please be sure to have ready the following information:

  • Chair’s serial number (located under the seat on the white rectangular sticker – under the bar code).
  • Include your contact information, name, phone number, address
  • Detailed description of the issue you’re experiencing
  • If the warranty problem is visual, take a digital photograph or video and send to info@LFGaming.com

Many times, just troubleshooting with our experienced Customer Service Representatives will help you through what ever issue you might be experiencing.  However, there are some times when a part may need be needed.  Once your Warranty Claim has been verified by our Staff we will send the part(s) you need via UPS Ground service.  Our Warranty does not include freight, so a nominal fee must be paid.