Meet Bricky

Behind the Stream: Meet Bricky


Who is Bricky?

Truth be told, he’s really not a brick. You may know Taylor better by the handle “Bricky,” the name he uses on his Twitch stream and YouTube channel. Known for his humor and down-to-earth personality, Bricky has gathered more than 90,000 Twitch followers and over half a million subscribers on YouTube. He’s also the inspiration behind LF Gaming’s very own Bricky Chair, featuring embroidered Bricky branding alongside all the stellar features of our gaming chairs.

We sat down with Bricky to learn more about the guy behind the camera, from his favorite games to his favorite fan moments -- and the story behind the name.

Meet Bricky

Bricky has been “Bricky” for so long now that even his parents call him by his handle from time to time. He discovered his love for video games “way, way, way back ago” through PS one and N64 classics like Halo, Mario Kart, old Lego games, and the original Super Smash Brothers.

“Video games have been just in every part of my life,” Bricky says. “It’s so baked into what I did growing up that doing a job for it seems kind of fitting at this point.”

Originally, Bricky completed his EMT training in high school and got a job with a local dispatch. “My original goal was actually to be a firefighter,” he says. “But I was stuck in an office that got about three phone calls, ever, on a thirteen-hour shift. Cabin fever set in very quickly and I started recording games at home and editing them in my spare time, which I had a lot of.”

Bricky’s popularity picked up quickly. At nineteen, he was able to quit his job and become a full-time streamer, having fully replaced his income with revenue from his online channels. Now, four years later, he has plenty of hilarious memories to share. “Normally I have my buddies keep out while I’m streaming,” Bricky says. “But one time, for some reason, I was talking about my buddy John during my stream. And he opens the door extremely frantically, and you can barely see him in the back of the video, and you hear him go, ‘THIS IS A STICK-UP!’ and he chucks a stick at my head. And then he closes the door and he leaves. And that was it.”

Why “Bricky”?

The origin behind the name “Bricky” isn’t as complex as you might think. When he was fourteen, Bricky and his friends would meet up to play games like Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty: Zombies, and Halo, which required an Xbox Live account. His friends pulled together the funds for a communal Xbox Live account, using an auto-generated Microsoft username.

That username? BrickyOrchid8.

“When I first started my channel,” he says, “My friends said, ‘Oh, you should name your channel BrickyOrchid8,’ and I thought, ‘You know -- that’s kind of stupid. Let’s do it.’ And, well, hey. Here I am! I cut out the Orchid8 part about a year ago and now I’m just Bricky. I hope Microsoft doesn’t come after the trademark.”

Let’s talk about favorites!

On favorite video games, Bricky says, “The Mass Effect trilogy is dear to my heart. I can’t choose one because they all have their own importance -- one for the characters, two for the story, and three for the combat. The Last of Us and Bioshock are definitely pretty high up there.”

Speaking of favorites… How about that LF Gaming Bricky chair?

As part of his partnership with LF Gaming, Bricky became the inspiration behind the official Bricky Chair, a version of our Stealth model embroidered with Bricky’s branding. Compared to Bricky’s old setup, having his own LF Gaming chair has made it significantly easier to do long-form streams. “Before, I used to do four-hour streams and feel really, really antsy. Overall, I’m definitely able to work more comfortably and for longer periods of time.”

The biggest benefit Bricky has discovered is that his LF Gaming chair helps with a problem lots of gamers face -- bad posture. “You see it a lot in gaming,” Bricky says. “Everyone has a little hunch over their keyboard. But by putting my chair in almost a vertical angle, it’s really helped my back a bit and improved my posture.” His favorite feature of the chair is the Schukra Lumbar Support feature, which reduces pressure on the disks between the vertebrae in your spine. “It really helps with my posture and has me sit up straight when I do my work.”

Bricky’s major complaint about other gaming chairs? “Nobody pads their freaking armrests!” he exclaims. “The fact that I can actually have a padded armrest and move my mouse around without grating on my arms -- I’m so glad LF Gaming chairs have padded armrests. It’s been a very large improvement.”

“I’m extremely excited to get the Extreme ex version,” he adds. “That little bit of extra space feels really good. I tried it out at PAX and it was pretty phenomenal.”


Why does Bricky recommend LF Gaming chairs?

If you’re considering purchasing an LF Gaming chair, Bricky recommends doing your research to make the process a little less overwhelming. “Don’t look at a price point,” he says. “That can be a little bit daunting, but you have not only payment plans available, but also other options for different chairs, and none of them are a bad choice. It’s not like you have a ‘discount’ choice. You have ‘pretty dang good’ and it only goes up from there.”

“Maybe I’m being silly here, but it’s just comfortable,” Bricky says. “It’s just nice. It just feels good. I’ve had other gaming chairs before -- I’ve had like three -- and it’s just not even a competition. Not even close.”

For more Bricky content, follow him on Twitch, YouTube, or Twitter. You can also check out the official Bricky chair on the LF Gaming website, or learn more about your options by exploring the store.