Which Chair Is Best For Me?

Whether you’re short or tall, a flyweight or heavyweight, our chairs will adjust to fit you.

The real question you need to ask yourself is how long do you sit in your chair?

6+ Hours: We recommend the LFG™ or LFG™ EX chair without question.

3 to 6 Hours: Go with the Mach™ II chair.

Under 3 Hours: Try the Hawk Series chair.

6+ Hours: If you sit for more than 6 hours at a time, we recommend the LFG™ chair without question. Laden with the most technologically advanced ergonomic features this chair blows away all the others. The LFG™ provides full body support and our extensive use of Memory Foam in the Seat, Backrest and Arm Pads, will keep you sitting comfortably for extended periods.

3 to 6 Hours: If you sit an average of 4 to 6 hours at a stretch, we recommend the Mach™ II chair. It’s loaded with ergonomic adjustments and even an adjustable headrest. Like our LFG™ Chairs, Its contoured seat redistributes your body’s weight more evenly over the seated surface, which reduces seated pressure under your thighs and tailbone.

Under 3 Hours: If you sit for less than 3 hours at a time, we recommend the Hawk Series gaming chair. These sleek, comfortable and performance-driven gaming chairs. A perfect balance of innovative style and essential ergonomic support.

(Please note this is a generalized recommendation - you may have a unique body type or situation that requires further scrutiny. We encourage you to reach out if you feel you need to discuss your options in detail.)