Which Chair Is Best For Me?

Whether you’re short or tall, a flyweight or heavyweight, our chairs will adjust to fit you.
The real question you need to ask yourself, is how long do you sit in your chair? 
6+ Hours:  We recommend the Stealth chair without question.
3 to 6 Hours:  Not quite pro? go with the Mach II chair.air.
Under 3 Hours:  Weekend warrior? try the Mach I chair.

6+ Hours:  If you sit for more than 6 hours at a time, we recommend the Stealth chair without question.  Laden with the most technologically advanced ergonomic features this chair blows away all the others.  The Stealth provides full body support and our extensive use of Memory Foam in the Seat, Backrest and Arm Pads, will keep you sitting comfortably for extended periods.

3 to 6 Hours:  If you sit an average of 4 to 6 hours at a stretch, we recommend the Mach II chair.  It’s loaded with ergonomic adjustments even an adjustable headrest.  Its contoured seat redistributes your body’s weight more evenly over the seated surface, which reduces seated pressure under your thighs and tailbone.

Under 3 Hours:  If you sit for less than 3 hours at a time, we recommend the Mach I chair.  This is a solid basic chair that includes all the necessary features to keep you going.