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The best gaming chair for big & tall.

6+ foot, up to 425 lbs, no problem!

LF Gaming™’s LFG™ Extreme (EX) provides a full complement of ergonomics not found in other gaming chairs. The LFG™ EX Chair is warranted up to 425 Lbs., featuring a Wider and Deeper Contoured Seat, that provides long-term comfort, reduced risk of serious injury, pain relief, and enhanced productivity – Engineered for long hours of sitting at work or at play.

6 products found in LFG™ EX

LFG™ EX Gaming Chair
  • $1,895.00
LFG™ EXtreme Gaming Chair - Black - WTFmoses
  • $1,995.00
LFG™ EX Gaming Chair – Viking
  • $1,995.00
LFG™ EXtreme Gaming Chair – Re-Imagined LFG
  • $1,895.00
LFG™ EXtreme Gaming Chair Big & Tall - Black Quick Ship
  • From $1,895.00
LFG™ EX Gaming Chair – Re-Imagined The VIP
  • $1,895.00