Sitting is this generation’s new smoking

We want to give your butt the same love we do with our gaming chairs wherever you are.

Imagine being at an intense sports game. Your team comes back and ties it. The game goes into overtime. You’re torn. You’re happy your team is doing well but you’re dreading sitting on a hard seat for even longer. Your tailbone is killing you. Your butt is numb. Each cheek hurts as you shift from side to side. We’ve all been there. But what are you to do?
What if you’re in an intense game. You’re on a killing streak. Players are screaming in chat from you destroying their lives. You’ve already made 3 players rage quit. Oh how satisfying. But there’s just one problem. Your butt is killing you. But you can’t stop. What are you to do?
You may of heard how amazing our chairs are from a friend or a twitch streamer at some point. But what if you’re out and about and can’t lug your amazing LF Gaming™ chair with you? We heard you. You can now take an LF seat with you wherever you go. The same quality that goes into our chairs, goes into our portable seat cushions.

We set out to address numb hot bums with a few key features:

Removable pre-cut coccyx cut out to relieve pressure on your tailbone.
Tailbone pain can be a nightmare. Especially if you suffer a sciatic nerve issue, a broken tailbone, or herniated disk. Most cushions, let alone seats, do nothing to alleviate this. This is why our cushion features a removable coccyx (tailbone) cut out to elminate pressure pain from sitting directly on the hurt tailbone.
Breathable Brisa or Fabric covering and ThermaGuard™ temperature regulating technology combine to air your bum to prevent SWASS...

Who wants a sweaty butt?

Non slip surface to prevent the cushion and your bum from falling off any surface
We don’t want this to be you.
Of course a carrying handle because we’re not monsters.
Who would we be to create a portable cushion without a handle?
We hope you will give your butt as much love wherever you are as we did into designing our cushion. Grab your portable LF Gaming™ Seat Cushion today!

By: LF Gaming™