Sitting is this generation’s new smoking

Why You Should Worry

“Sitting is this generation’s new smoking.” Sound familiar? Medical studies are consistently reporting that sitting for long periods is detrimental to physical and mental health, leading to chronic disease and poor health overall. Movement, diet and body composition all play a role in your overall health, but the impact of staying in one place for long periods of time is incredibly

damaging. If you’re not:

  • Moving away from your desk every 90 minutes
  • Drinking 80 ounces of water daily
  • Working with shoulders pulled back and down
  • Keeping your head upright and back

Then reworking your office environment is vital for your well being. Simple swaps like changing your screen height and distance , or implementing an office ritual to get up and move can create a large impact over time. However, addressing the root causes of the issues surrounding sitting and posture is the most effective strategy for you and your working habits in the long run.



Avoid the Big 3

First thing’s first; discovering what doesn’t work for your working conditions can make finding the solutions much simpler. There are thousands of options when it comes to chairs, desks, keyboards and computer mice that is easily overwhelming for any shopper. To ensure that you’re set up for success, learn which posture mistakes are the ones you need to stop doing today:


Forward head posture: This position is all too common in today’s world of smartphones and tablets, forcing our eyes to look down and our heads tilt in the same direction. To compensate, your neck is sustaining up to 15 pounds of pressure, keeping your head stabilized. With repeated use, as a cell phone is often used daily, the neck loses its natural curve and begins to straighten out.


Forward head posture is a result of the neck changing shape, and contributes to a myriad of health complaints. Migraines, temple headaches, TMJ, shoulder tension and pinched nerves can all result from forward head posture.


Hunched back posture: Letting the shoulders roll forward and the shoulderblades flare out is a common posture mistake with tech professionals. If you are at a desk or using a device, hunched back posture is a natural adjustment the body makes to accommodate hands and wrists in front of the body (using a keyboard or typing on a mobile device). Over time, the muscles in front of the body start to shorten and cause tension when you try to pull shoulders back.


Because of this discomfort, it only serves to perpetuate the hunched back position. After the muscles change shape, more stress is placed on the surrounding areas leading to neck and upper back strain.


Curved lower back posture: The final of the big three postural issues is a position seen in those with computer chair use. Most chairs are designed with a flat back (or may even have an upper back rest without full support). The lack of a curve in the chair back is the reason for this posture. Without correction, this posture leads to lower back pain, hip pain and nerve issues in the legs.


In a healthy body, the neck curves in slightly, the upper back curves out, and the lower back curves back in. This Shape improves posture, muscle tension, and aches and pains that are all too common. A computer chair to introduce this shape into your lower back is a perfect solution.


Invest in Your Health


The technology market is no stranger to highend, expensive products. Every few months, an upgrade or innovative update is presented to encourage buyers to stay relevant. However, postural technology has been researched and invested in heavily since the dawn of computer workers. Today, the information pertaining to a healthy body when working at a screen is timeless. Establishing the Sshape back into your spine, taking breaks during long days, and staying hydrated will always be the trifecta of health for those in a chair all day.


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