LF a chair with comfort and style — LF Gaming Chairs at E3


Amid the hustle and bustle of E3, I got to take a (very) comfortable seat and learn a thing or two about LF Gaming chairs. This North American-made line of high-end, tailor-made gaming seats caught my eye because they looked notably different from other gaming chairs on the market; they looked more plush and less angular. I was drawn to to the rounded edges and softer lines, which, to me, feel more functional and less “edgy” than many other charis on the market. I settled in on one of their LFG™ chairs to drink in a comfortable and educational experience about why investing in a good gaming chair is so important.

One of the first things I noticed upon sitting was how soft the material felt. It looked like leather, but was cool, smooth, and very soft to the touch. It turns out that LF Gaming chairs are made with a name brand fabric called Brisa. Made in Japan by Ultrafabrics, this material is free of any POP’s, PVC’s, or plasticizers. This leather-lookalike is actually a green product, and is also highly breathable, as the entire fabric is filled with micro perforations.



Even better, Brisa comes in a variety of colors, meaning you can decide the color and color combinations of your gaming chair. Each chair is custom made in Canada using North American and Canadian parts, meaning you can decide how you want your chair to look, right down to the color of the stiching. Since nothing is mass-produced, you’ll be able to pick more than your color; LG Gaming can even stitch your gamertag, team logo, or even a favorite mascot onto your chair.

These chairs come in several models, from the lower end Mach 1, which comes with a mesh back and is designed for those who sit up to 4-6 hours at a time, to the souped up, feature-filled, and hyper-customizable LFG™ chair, intended for those who sit eight or more hours a day. There’s a great deal of science behind how and why LF Gaming designs its charis; because the muscles in your back must still work to support your body while you sit in a mesh back chair, you can become uncomfortable and restless after several hours of sitting. The LFG™, on the other hand, is designed to do that work for you, allowing you to sit longer without irritating your back.



Then there’s the seat, which is designed for both comfort and support. I can confirm that these chairs were incredibly comfortable; soft enough to give you some much-needed relief, especially after several long days trekking from one end of the E3 show floor to the other, while still being firm enough that you don’t sink into them. The LFG™’s cushions are made up of memory foam which has been contoured to help distribute your weight. Said memory foam is also coated with a layer of Therma-Guard, a temperature-regulating technology which is designed absorb heat while you sit, and dissipate it once you leave, to keep you cool and comfortable regardless of how long you sit. While I’m a huge fan of memory foam, I have it in my mattress, my pillow, my couch, and even my shoes, memory foam does tend to soften and become less supportive when warm. The  LFG™ has layer of high-density foam at its core to combat just this issue.

The LFG™ offers a whole lot of other features, including built-in, adjustable lumbar support, a height adjustable headrest, a slider which allows you to change the depth of the seat, and the ability to adjust the angle, tilt and tension control of the back of the chair.



The arms themselves have an array of science and features behind them. Armrests also feature memory foam, which, as it turns out, is more than just a cushy, comfortable feature. This feature was specifically added to help protect your elbows from tendinitis, which can develop if you are constantly resting them on a hard surface for long periods of time. Additionally, you can adjust the height of the armrests, swivel them to your ideal position, and even remove them, if you so desire.

I felt quite comfortable sitting in the LFG™, especially once I adjusted the seat back forward and lowered the height of the chair a bit. I’m on the smaller side, where most gamers are concerned, so it was a rather nice change to settle into a chair where my feet could touch the ground, and I didn’t feel like a child on a giant-sized seat. Of course, LF Gaming is ready to handle gamers who fall on the other end of the spectrum; their LFG™ EXtreme model provides all the features above, and is ready to handle gamers up to 425 pounds.

My legs, back, and very aching feet greatly appreciated the short time I got to spend checking out LF Gaming chairs while at E3, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Head on over to the LF Gaming website to lean more about the features, different models of chairs, and their sponsorship of the eSports gaming team, the Immortals. Use the code “E32018” before July 31st to get 20% off your order, which comes with the 30 guarantee of “We promise to make your butt happy… or we’ll give you your money back!”

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