LF Gaming Portable Seat Cushion

  • $225.00

The LF Gaming Portable Seat Cushion is made of pressure and temperature sensitive memory foam, which reduces pressure and improves circulation. Its ergonomic design corrects your pelvic angle, promoting healthy posture and maintaining the natural curvature of your spine, alleviating back pain and discomfort.

Features a pre-cut removable coccyx (tail bone) cut out for those who suffer from sciatic nerve, broken/bruised tailbone, herniated disk or any other issue you may have in the coccyx area. Instantly removes and relieves the pressure from seated discomfort.

Therma-Guard Temperature Regulating Technology – Phase Change Materials (PCM’s) prevent the seat from overheating. Lasts throughout the lifetime of the product. Long-term temperature regulation offers immediate, ongoing, measurable and noticeable results.

  • Therma-Guard prevents you from overheating.
  • 3D Stretch Knit Fabric designed to allow the memory foam to conform to your body, which allows you to play in complete comfort.
  • Waterproof non-slip backing keeps the seat where you put it.
  • Convenient Carry Handle for easy transport.
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty*

*Surface washable only, warranty will be void if cover is removed.  Caution: Non-slip backing color may transfer to some fabrics – check for color fastness on your materials before prolonged use. 

Made in Canada

LFG Seat Cushion is ideal for making your existing seat more comfortable.  Light weight and portable; take it with you anywhere you go.

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Craig D.
United States United States
LF Gaming Cushion

Cushion is very comfortable on any chair not just my gaming chair. I’ve had less lower back pain since I began using it.


Thanks for the review! This is exactly what we want people to know - you can use this cushion anywhere! It makes ANY chair better. Use it in your car, use it at home at work - where ever. Your back with thank you. :)

Michelle C.
Canada Canada
Tailbone Relief

I was just appreciating my LF Gaming Cushion as I was enjoying a bit of screen time. I tweaked my tailbone at the gym a few weeks ago and the pressure of sitting was so uncomfortable I didn’t know what to do. The idea of buying a doughnut to sit on just wasn’t an option. Then I remembered that I had bought my parents a portable cushion for home and travel – they are both back pain sufferers and they told me how much they use them and love them. It got me thinking, I should try one for myself so that I can get some relief and comfort. I have been using my cushion for 2 weeks and I love it! The beauty of this cushion is that I can remove the insert at the back of the cushion so that it stops the pressure on my coccyx – huge relief! The other beautiful thing is I can put it on all the chairs I sit on; my patio, dining, office chair and in my car. This cushion will make any seating surface comfortable guaranteed. Thank you LF Gaming.

Henry C.
United States United States
Actually worth the price!

I have been using the LFG Seat Cushion for over a month and honestly it has made any chair I use it on 10x more comfortable. I was originally hesitant to pay more for the Brisa Cover and while I can’t compare it to the cheaper version, the Brisa cover does a great job of keeping the seat cool at all times! I use a pretty basic chair for my office and I could not really stand sitting in it for more than a few hours. But with the seat cushion I’ve seen a significant increase in comfortability and I can say it’s definitely worth the investment. It’s also a great investment if you’re going to use it on multiple chairs. For example, because you can actually carry the cushion with you, I use it on my long commutes and it definitely helps make the experience much better. I will say that if you are at least 5’10+ your seat might ride a little high compared to what you may be used to.

19″ Total Height
20″ Total Width
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 20 x 8 in

Red, Black, Grey, Beige


* Free shipping within continental United States and Canada
* Packaged Weight is 5 Lbs.
*Actual Product Weight is 3 Lbs.