Assembly Instructions



In most cases, chairs are shipped as follows:

Bottom “square” Box – top to bottom:

  • Base & Casters
  • Seat with Control Mechanism attached
  • Arm Brackets with Arm Pads attached
  • Gas Lift (Pneumatic Cylinder)

Back “rectangular” Box:

  • Backrest of Chair (if applicable)


Prepare an area where you can lay out a clean blanket or towel and will have room to spread items out without obstruction.  

Please note!  If you see any damaged parts when removing items from the packaging STOP and do not assemble the chair.  Contact LF Gaming™ Customer Service immediately!**

  • Open the Bottom “square” Box carefully.  Take all the items out, taking care to remove the packaging carefully and put them aside.
  • Inspect the Base & Casters, making sure that each caster is fully inserted into the 5 legged Base.  Ensure there is no damage to the Base or Casters.  Place the Base and Casters with wheels down on the floor.
  • Insert the wide end of the Gas Lift into the opening in the middle of the Base.  Make sure the Gas Lift is seated properly.
  • With the Seat top facing down on the floor, insert the skinny end of the Gas Lift, with base attached, into the opening of the Mechanism bottom.  
  • Carefully turn the seat upwards so the Casters are flat on the floor.  Inspect to make sure the Gas Lift is seated properly in the Mechanism and then carefully and gently bounce on the seat top to ensure the parts are properly aligned and assembled.  
  • Remove the Armrest Hand Wheel from the arm mount slot on either side of the Mechanism. Then attach the Arm Brackets to the chair by guiding the metal end of the Arm Bracket into the arm mount slot. **Take note that seam on the Arm Pads should face the back of the chair** 
  • Adjust the width of the Arm by sliding the arm inward or outward to the desired position.  Place a Lock Washer and then a flat washer over each Hand Wheel stem.  Carefully thread the Hand Wheels into the holes in the Arm Mount Brackets and tighten the Hand Wheels so there is no play in the Arm Bracket.  
  • Remove the Backrest from the Back “rectangular” Box.  Remove the three bolts that are screwed into the bottom of Back Upright and put aside momentarily.
  • Insert the Backrest into the receptacle on the rear of the chair Mechanism.  Place a lock washer over the end of each Back Bolt.  Align the holes in the receptacle with the Back Upright and slightly thread, by hand, at each of the Back Bolts in to hold the Backrest in place.  Use a 3/16″ Allen key to finish tightly.

Test the chair functions and adjust to your desired position.  Enjoy your new LF Gaming™ Chair!  If you require more detailed instructions or additional help putting your chair together, please contact LF Gaming™ Customer Service Toll Free at 1 800.661.8568 in Canada or the United States or 1 403.720.3966 Local or International.

Please be aware that items will shift during transport.  At times the foam can become compressed or appear dented – especially if left in the boxes for extended periods.  Oftentimes allowing the foam to “bounce back” after several hours is all that is needed.  However a little manipulation of the materials may be warranted.  Upholstery technique is all about moving the materials into position to look their best – much like you would fluff a throw pillow after it’s been sat against – all upholstered furniture may need a little help from time to time to look its best.  This is especially important after shipping.  Use your hands to smooth the foam and shift upholstery back into position.  When in doubt give us a call and we can walk you through the process.  In any case, remember LF Gaming™ Chairs are all made by hand and none will ever exactly match any prior item manufactured.  

**If you did receive your package and the contents were damaged – We apologize!  Please contact us immediately either by email: or calling Customer Service Toll Free at 1 800.661.8568 in Canada or the United States or 1 403.720.3966 Local or International.