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Packed with all the ergonomic adjustment + 6 way adjustable arms.


For the best and most comfortable gaming experience of your life, get a LF Gaming Stealth Chair. Especially if you’re spending hours in your chair, grinding through the best PC games, you’ll need a chair specifically designed and engineered to support your body and help alleviate pain.


Stealth Gaming Chairs

Seat Width 20.5", Seat Depth (Backrest to seat Edge) ranges 19" to 22", Seat Height ranges from 18.5"-21.5". BACKREST: Back Width 19.5", Back Height ranges 47.5" to 52.5" Supports up to 350 lbs.

Stealth Gaming Chair – Solid Black w Contrast
  • $1,395.00
Stealth Gaming Chair – Solid White w Contrast
  • $1,395.00
Stealth Gaming Chair – Black w Contrast Band
  • $1,445.00
NEW Cherry Blossom Stealth Gaming Chair - White with Pink Contrast
  • $1,395.00

We’ve Got Your Back

Our Response to COVID-19

At LF Gaming, the health and well-being of our valued customers and employees is a real concern to us. 

If you find yourself suddenly working from home or gaming more often, we want you to get into a quality chair that can help keep you healthy, with easy to clean surfaces, while providing the best ergonomic support for you. 

Life is challenging enough these days. A chair that is quick and simple to wash, coupled with the welcome relief from a sore and tired back, is something we can provide.

CLEANING your Ultrafabric is, well, a Breeze

Sanitize using (1:5) bleach/water solution or other approved disinfectants*.

Wipe up spills as soon as they occur.

Clean with soap and water.

For stubborn stains, wipe off with isopropyl alcohol as soon as possible.

Thoroughly rinse all solution residue with clean water.Air dry.

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STEALTH EXTREME CHAIR. The best gaming chair for big & tall.

 6+ foot, up to 425 lbs, no problem!

LF Gaming’s Stealth Extreme (EX) provides a full complement of ergonomics not found in other gaming chairs. The Stealth EX Chair is warranted up to 425 Lbs., featuring a Wider and Deeper Contoured Seat, that provides long term comfort, reduced risk of serious injury, pain relief, enhanced productivity – Engineered for long hours of sitting at work or at play.



Stealth EX (EXtreme) - Big & Tall

Seat Width 24", Seat Depth (Backrest to seat Edge) ranges 20" to 22", Seat Height ranges from 19.5"-22.5". BACKREST: Back Width 19.5", Back Height ranges 47.5" to 52.5" Supports up to 425 lbs.

Stealth EXtreme Gaming Chair - Solid Black w Contrast
  • $1,595.00
LF Gaming Stealth EXtreme Gaming Chair - Solid Black Big & Tall
  • $1,595.00
Stealth EXtreme Gaming Chair - Solid White w Contrast
  • $1,595.00
Stealth EXtreme Gaming Chair - White - Everland
  • $1,695.00


The Mach II Gaming Chair is packed with loads of ergonomic adjustments that give you a perfect fit to keep your head in the game. This chair is built for comfort; reducing risk of serious injury and helping relieve pain. Our industry leading temperature regulating technology Therma-Guard™ will keep you comfortable, even in the hottest situations. This chair is rated for 3 to 6 hours.


Mesh Back Gaming Chairs

Mach I Gaming Chair - Solid Black with Contrast
  • $575.00
Mach II Gaming Chair - Solid Black with Contrast
  • $775.00
NEW - Green Mach II Gaming Chair - Solid Black with Contrast Green
  • $775.00


LF Gaming Isolator Gaming Chair 2020 Limited Edition - Fabric
  • $425.00
  • $350.00


Instantly improve any seat, any where you go!

The LF Gaming Chair Seat Cushion is made of pressure and temperature sensitive memory foam, which reduces pressure and improves circulation. Its ergonomic design corrects your pelvic angle, promoting healthy posture and maintaining the natural curvature of your spine, alleviating back pain and discomfort.



LF Gaming Portable Seat Cushion in Dream Weave
  • $150.00
LF Gaming Lumbar Cushion in Dream Weave
  • $150.00
LF Gaming Leather Tablet Sleeve
  • $95.00
LF Gaming Portable Seat Cushion in Brisa
  • $225.00

Whether you’re short or tall, a flyweight or heavyweight, our chairs will adjust to fit you. The real question you need to ask yourself, is how long do you sit in your chair?
6+ Hours: We recommend the Stealth chair without question.
3 to 6 Hours: Not quite pro? go with the Mach II chair.
Under 3 Hours: Weekend warrior? Choose Mach I. 

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LF Gaming Stealth Chair Review


LF Gaming is a North American company founded in 1976 with a focus on hand made ergonomic office Chairs. We recognized a need in the Gaming Industry for high quality, supportive and most of all comfortable chairs. Utilizing our extensive experience, you’ll see our LF Gaming Chairs are designed for the extreme needs of gamers and are not mass produced. 

We use durable North American made components built to last for years and years.

Each chair is strategically engineered to prevent pain, discomfort and fatigue.

Offering complete adjustability of the backrest, seat and arms - so the chair fits your body

We use incredibly soft, durable and GREEN Brisa UltraFabrics.

Our Therma-Guard™ Technology helps prevent overheating in your chair

Each chair is built by hand in our factory in Canada, ensuring top quality standards.

Welcome to a whole new experience!

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More comfortable than some of the Herman Miller chairs, has actual padding vs just plastic and mesh.

Alex P.

Best chair I've ever owned

This chair is insanely comfortable. No more back pain. Worth every penny.

Johan V.


This has been by far one of the best purchases I've made in some time... After a couple of weeks I've been feeling better than I have in a long time.

Mihai I.